DJ Stefanio Lima

Stefanio Lima grew up listening to a wide variety of music, from James Brown to Cesária Évora. Surrounded by different cultures, this Cape Verdean from Rotterdam was influenced by world music at an early age. Eventually music became his life's passion.

His first 'dj' experience was at the birthday party of his cousin. Stefanio Lima was barely 12 years old when he got everyone dancing to RnB SlowJams he self-selected on the radio. An artist was born. At age 16 Stefanio Lima, along with his cousin, bought his first turntable and mixer with his own savings. In the next few years of self-discovery and a lot of experimenting he developed himself as an artist, as a dj.

Stefanio Lima provides diversity in music for young and old. A born entertainer of different dance styles. Family and friends often asked him to play at birthdays and private events. He produced several Kizomba and Clubhouse mix tapes which were very well received. Soon after that more bookings followed and Stefanio Lima eventually developed his own unique style. Having been exposed to many types of music and creating a big repertoire, he developed a love for Soulful/Afro House.

Always bringing that good vibe that will motivate people to dance, songs you might not hear often but will give his set just that original sound. A combination of underground African dance culture, the soul of Deep House and uplifting beats. This unique blend combined with his dynamic mixing, allows Stefanio Lima to give his audience an energetic stage performance. He always gives 200%, whether he's performing for 50 or 500 men. Stefanio Lima has performed at different events and knows how to hype the crowd.