New on the program: Semba & Afro Dance



Yes! In addition to Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba and Tango programs, we have more in store for you during Latin Weekender 2019!

Not Samba, but Semba with VAL COLASEMBA & VERONIKA! The Semba is a music genre and dance style originating from Angola, from which Kizomba originated, among other things. Many movements and steps are therefore comparable, but the Semba is more rhythmic and active.

Alternate your Latin moves with an energetic Afro Dance Workout with SEVDA. Afrohouse is a dance style inspired by traditional African dance, HipHopdance and House Dance. A powerful dance style that you are guaranteed to enjoy. Sevda is an energetic, physically fit and confident dancer with the necessary qualifications, experiences, skills and a strong passion for performing in the entertainment industry. She has completed her dance academy and traveled extensively as a professional dancer, by giving performances and teaching in Kenya, CuraƧao, Abu Dhabi and cheerleading competitions in Orlando / USA. Including performances with big names such as RUN DMC and Afrojack. Sevda also toured with the very famous Caribbean band Cache Royale. Worldwide she shares her love for dance and on November 22 to 24 at Latin Weekender!

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